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Our Services

SASA SECURITY SERVICES SDN. BHD. provides the following services to corporate bodies,organizations, associations and select householders and individuals :-

Static Guards

Well-trained and disciplined guards are placed at assignments for the protection of clients property. Prior to the commencement of an assignment, a thorough security survey will beconducted after which recommendations will be forwarded to the client.

Area, Site and Residential Guarding

Area and site security provided to contractors, and residential guarding for housing estates, condominiums and apartments.

Cash In Transit (CIT)

This services is most needed by Banks, Finance Institution, Supermarkets and Factories when special transaction as required. The CIT armoured vehicles will be escorted by the well equipped armed guards for raising the safety. The charges are varied from location distance.

Patrolling Service

Our patrolman will attend regular and periodical visits to the clients premises and check everything is in order.

Armed Guard

SASA is careful in selecting the armed guards as our employees. However, SASA priority for armed guards is to employ the ex-policemen and ex-army who are professionally trained. We believe that their expertise and experience in handling the weapons can be beneficial for both parties; the clients and also the company. SASA armed security guards are prepared to serve Banks, Goldsmith Outlets, Factories, Warehouse and others. We have professional trainers to train our armed guards to handle sudden circumstance. Moreover, all armed guards are required to undergo practical training on shooting twice a month organized by our company.

Guard Dogs

Our Guards Dogs Unit is professionally police trained and have undergone sophisticated schooling together with their handlers to rise in any occasion in order to maximize our protection plan. This service is recommended for Ground Prevention and Building Patrol Surveillance. Our clients include the Warehouse, Stores, Housing Estates, Clubs, Factory and other enclosed property areas. Any dog from our facility may be returned within 1 year from the date of purchase for a
replacement dog of equal value if any genetic defect is found which make the dog unworkable.